Howdy, we are a team of Dallas, TX based user experience designers, developers, and project managers who have come together to donate our time and skills and solve problems to benefit the community.

Mike Townson


Mike Townson is a Product Designer who has been designing mobile, desktop, and web software for 12 years. He specializes in wire-framing and visual design at projekt202 in Addison, TX. His love for the web and mobile technologies is only a fraction for his love of working with intelligent and creative beings.

When not designing, he can be found writing music, riding his motorcycle or bicycles, boxing, or spending time with his wife and two goofy dogs. Check out my online portfolio at

To be a designer is more than understanding color theory, being able to use a grid, knowing your tools, and keeping up with the latest technology. Being a successful designer is about being able to gauge how long it takes you to produce outstanding work, and your ability to work with clients. I was an extraverted person who liked design before I began my persuit of making design a career path. Now I am a designer who can prioritize while juggling many demands. It’s not easy, but to keep up in this town, it’s necessity.

Client List

American Airlines
Craig Ranch
Datcu Credit Union
Fenway Group
Home Upgrades Magazine
Lone Star Funds
Paladin Inc
Pepsi Co.
Simple Savings Card
Smile Magic
Southwest Media Group
TPC Craig Ranch
Yellow 7 Interactive